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Clairvoyant reading is a practice of awareness . This type of awareness is aligned with personal evolvement and growth. The challenge of awareness is what to do with what you find. I came across this quote from Bill Watterson, someone I consider a very awake person, that says it so well:

“It’s true, Hobbes, ignorance is bliss! Once you know things, you start seeing problems everywhere … and once you see problems, you feel like you ought to fix them … and fixing problems always seems to require personal change … and change means doing things that aren’t fun! I say phooey to that!”

A core value in how I practice as a clairvoyant reader is remembering to find amusement in the intensity of where my awareness has landed. Not to automatically be amused, but to find the vibration of amusement as a part of the journey. To quote Lewis, who taught me to be an aura reader “Be amused or be amused about how un-amusing this is”.